Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

H. F. MacKenzie
Canada, Christmas Island
léine-ghealNotes: skin inside an egg-shell.
mileachadhQuotation: Tha mi air mo mhileachadh leis an fhuachd. Notes: I am benumbed by cold.
mileagachNotes: fond of good food.
mogan[mɔ̃ɡɛnʹ] Notes: usually in pl. ‘mogain’. Footwear made up of three pairs of socks soled on bottom with woollen homespun cloth.
ramlaig[rɑ̃mɑɫiɡʹ] Notes: a mixed-up song.
rannachdail[rɑ̃n̪ɑxɡəl] Notes: rambling, nonsensical talk.
roidQuotation: Thug e roid as. Notes: He made a spurt.
ròthanaich[rɔ:ɑṉiç] Notes: snoring.
aithinn[ɑhĩnʹ] Notes: burning stick used as a torch.
norranQuotation: norran cadail. Notes: forty winks.
peiteag[petʹɑɡ] Notes: waistcoat.
peithirQuotation: a’ pheithir [əvɛhəð]. Notes: the chain-lightning that would strike a house.
propaireachd[pɾɔpəðɑxk] Notes: playing horseshoes or quoits.
sàilligean (plural)Notes: footwear made from raw cowhide with the hair on it.
sgarrach[sɡɑrɑx] Notes: half snow, half rain.
sgioblachQuotation: a’ sgioblach. Notes: afterbirth.
sgiorghail[sɡʹwɾəɣəl] [sic] Notes: prolonged screeching.
sgreagalNotes: decrepit, useless person.
sgriogal[sɡɾiɡəɫ] Quotation: “Ciamar a tha thu?” “O, tha mi nam sgriogal grannda ann an seo.” Notes: useless worn-out person.
slathagQuotation: slathag shneachda. Notes: snowflake.
snàileanQuotation: snàilean siochaidh. Notes: thread used in curing a sprain.
sneigean[sṉɛ̃ɡʹɛnʹ] Notes: sneck on a door.
starcanNotes: a causeway.
stubachQuotation: earball stubach. Notes: lamb’s cut tail.
tasmaltanQuotation: An d’fhuair duine agaibh tasmaltan air a’ mhathan an diugh? Notes: trail, evidence left by bits of carcase, etc. left by a wild animal.
tasdanNotes: 20 cent coin called this. [NOTES: slipped under ‘tastan’.]
teineQuotation: teine-biorach. Notes: “static electricity which jumps from one place to another.”
teine-biorachNotes: “static electricity which jumps from one place to another.”
tòcQuotation: an tòc. Notes: lump on the inside of a beast’s eyelid – cut off with aid of scissors and needle.
toisgeilQuotation: a’ chluais toisgeil. Notes: left.
treòlairQuotation: An d’fhuair thu an treòlair ud a tha air falbh. Notes: epidemic, contagious sickness. Did you catch that disease that is going around?
trulainn[t̪ɾu̜ɫɑ̃nʹ] Quotation: Chaidh e trulainn. Notes: hurly-burly, all mixed up.
tùic[t̪u̜:çc] Notes: a large black object of vague outline as seen in darkness.
tùsgaidQuotation: tùsgaid de thì. Notes: second-rate tea, e.g. if it wasn’t brewed properly or if it was made with old leaves.
uanQuotation: uan brògach. Notes: white lamb with its legs black up to the knees.
uireasbhach[u̟ðɑsɑx] Quotation: Bha i a’ fas car uireasbhach. Notes: having a limp.
anaghlas[ɛ̃nʹəɣɫɑs] Quotation: anaghlas de bhainne. Notes: insipid milk, e.g. if water was mixed in it.
aodachQuotation: A’ bhiadh ’s aodach ort!
bana-chràbhaicheNotes: nun.
bàrrQuotation: na barran. Notes: lumps which appeared inside the throat – could be cured by some people with their finger (cf. bàrr a’ chinn, Tiree).
biadhQuotation: A’ bhiadh ’s aodach ort! Notes: said to a poor, ragged child.
bladaireachd[bɫɑd̪əðɑxk] Notes: useless talk.
bodachanQuotation: Bodachan-deigheadh. Notes: icicle.
brachladhNotes: something done in a hotchpotch manner.
breacQuotation: a’ bhreac bheag. Notes: vaccination for smallpox.
breacQuotation: a’ bhreac mhór. Notes: smallpox.
brògachQuotation: uan brògach. Notes: white lamb with legs black up to the knees.
caoraQuotation: caora chiar. Notes: sheep which was neither black nor white – something in between.
ceathramh-gormQuotation: an ceathramh-gorm. Notes: blackleg in cattle.
cèibhearQuotation: Bha ’n cèibhear air an duine an raoir. Notes: drunken state of a person.
ciallaidh[ciɤɫɑi] Quotation: (1) “Brist do chiallaidh.” (2) Bha mi air chiallaidh. (3) Cuiridh sin thu far chiallaidh. Notes: (1) “Break your fast.” (2) “I was fasting.” (i.e. hadn’t eaten) (3) e.g. a cup of tea. “Ciallaidh” not a deliberate fast like trasg.
ciarQuotation: caora chiar. Notes: sheep which was neither black nor white – something in between.
cliatanNotes: burdock.
coirceid[k[ɔi]çcɛdʹ] Quotation: Cha do chuir mi coirceid air an duine ud a riamh. Notes: offend, rattle a person.
cràbhaiche[kɾɑ:hiçə] Notes: monk.
cuaranNotes: leather covering on a finger – like the finger of a glove.
cudadhQuotation: a’ cudadh nan uan. Notes: polite term for castrating.
cuilean-gréineNotes: sundog (stormy weather in the offing).
cunntaisQuotation: Bha cunntais dhaoine ann. Notes: a number.
dealanachNotes: lightning.
diocair[dʹwxkəð] Quotation: Bu diocair dhà. Notes: It was to be expected of him (e.g. because of his background, birth, etc.).
earballQuotation: earball stubach. Notes: lamb’s cut tail.
earra-ghuth[ɛrɑɣu̜] Notes: wane of the moon.
eibhleag[[ɤı]lɑɡ] Notes: ember.
fiofanach[fwfɑṉɑx] Quotation: “Tha a’ chloinn gu math fiofanach an diugh.” Notes: nervous, skittish.
gearra-bhonnNotes: half-sole.
geòbadhQuotation: Nach toir thu geòbadh air an dorus. Notes: slight opening of a door or window.
geòcNotes: yoke. A piece of wood put round a horse’s neck to prevent it from jumping fences.
giollachd[ɡʹwɫɑxk] Quotation: Thug mi giollachd do’n ghille bheag. Notes: a going over (punishment).
glais-sheil[ɡɫɑʃhel] Notes: acidic burp.
glìbheid[ɡli:vɑdʹ] Notes: sleet.
gnoigean[ɡɾɔ̃ɡʹɛ̃nʹ] Notes: a small piece of wood.
goillein[ɡɤlʹɛ̃ṉ] Notes: long sliver of wood used as a taper.
gràgain[ɡɾɑ:ɡɑṉ] Quotation: Tha an té ud a’ gràgain. Notes: e.g. an old woman complaining and moaning.
gumalas[ɡũ̜məɫɑs] Notes: a mixture of good-for-nothing speech.

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