Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Informant Origin
Ross-shire, Killilan, Camusluanie
leth-tithich[lʹɛtʹiiç] Notes: gullet.
athairle[ɑhɤu̜] Notes: two year old heifer.
slatQuotation: cabar-slait. Notes: stag with no points on its antlers. (Cf. James Clark, Morvich: “slat-chabrach”.)
sàileachNotes: a Kintail man.
searrachan-taois[ʃɑrɑxɑṉt̪w:ʃ] Notes: oval bannock, made from oatmeal, hot water and salt, and given to cattle.
seilbh[ʃeli] Notes: cattle (collect.).
siollaicheanNotes: haimes.
stair[st̪ɤɾ] Notes: stepping stones across a burn.
treabhair[t̪ɾɔəɾ] Quotation: Tha móran treabhair aige. Notes: collection of buildings such as a steading.
bràideanNotes: a kind of wooden collar made from willow or hazel for tying cattle.
bualaidh[bu̜ɤɫi] Notes: cow stall.
bualaidhQuotation: bualaidh Galld. Notes: fixture for securing Highland cattle in the byre. Two upright posts, one fixed, the other moveable. The horns of the cow were put in with moveable post to the side, post then put upright and fixed.
bunQuotation: bun-dubh. Notes: bracken pulled up by the roots and used for thatching.
cabhsair[kɑu̟sɑɾ] Notes: says it’s area of ground in front of a house.
cailbhe[kɑli] Notes: wattle door.
càiseQuotation: càise-baile. Notes: home-made cheese.
caolanQuotation: an caolan tóin. Notes: anal passage.
ceapaireQuotation: ceapaire-Sàileach. Notes: slice of cheese with a spread of butter. [NOTES: unclear – it may be ‘ceapaire-Tàileach’.]
crannagNotes: a butter churn.
curruchd[ku̜ru̜xk] Notes: a man’s cap. [NOTES: slipped under ‘currac’.]
drathaisNotes: horse’s breeches.
eagaNotes: a notch, as one makes in wood.
feathladair[fiɑɫəd̪ɑɾ] Quotation: “Agus ciamar a tha am feathladair an diugh?” Notes: Heard an old gamekeeper say this to him once when enquiring about his father, who was a stalker.
fiodhagach[fjwɣɑɡɑx] Notes: the wild cherry.
greimeadair[ɡɾɤməd̪ɑɾ] Notes: a fork.

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