Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Donald Robertson
c. 80
Skye, Sleat, Calligary
Quotation: là bàillidh. Notes: the day the rent was paid.
làir-mhaideNotes: a see-saw.
laoichgeannQuotation: Tha an t-each donn na laoichgeann. Notes: stretched out.
lion-ghrunnaNotes: ground-net.
lodair[ɫɔd̪əɾ] Notes: a wooden collecting ladle used in church. (Seen in church at Aird, Sleat.)
lugaisQuotation: lugais de dhuine. Notes: a clumsy, ungainly man.
mac-làmhaich[mɑ̃xkɫɑ:hiç] Notes: monkfish.
malaidh[mɑ̃ɫi] Notes: forehead.
maorsainneachdNotes: settling township affairs such as souming.
mart-fheoilQuotation: mart-fheoil a’ chuain. Notes: ling sometimes referred to as this.
molltair[m[ɤu̜]ɫd̪ɑɾ] Notes: candle-mould.
mullachQuotation: mullach na conntraigh, mullach na reothairt. Notes: highest tide.
rangasNotes: a reef.
ruisgeanQuotation: na ruisgeanan. Notes: eyelashes.
slabhag[sɫɑu̜əɡ] Notes: horn-pith.
peileagNotes: porpoise.
plumachQuotation: Bha e car plumach. Notes: slight swell.
plumanQuotation: Bha pluman ann. Notes: There was a slight swell.
poca-salainn[pɔkəsɑɫĩnʹ] Notes: spider.
prompaicheanQuotation: Theid sinn a dh’fheuchainn prompaichean. Notes: a game like quoits. A stick was driven into the ground and flat stones used to see who would land nearest to the stick.
seachadQuotation: Thainig mi seachad air anns an dradhair. Notes: I came across it in the drawer.
seillein[ʃelʹɛ̃nʹ] Notes: bee.
sgall[sɡɑu̜ɫ] Notes: a chafing of the skin.
sganail[sɡɑ̃ṉɑl] Notes: scandal.
sganaileach[sɡɑ̃ṉɑlɑx] Notes: scandalous.
sgreafagQuotation: Chaneil air a’ bhainne ach sgreafag uachdair. Sgreafag talmhainn. Notes: a very thin layer.
siadair[ʃıɤd̪ɑɾ] Notes: a useless person, physically, e.g. for fighting.
sloightire[sɫ[ɤi]tʹəɾə] Notes: a rascal, a “bad stick”.
steàirrdeanNotes: a tern.
streathart[st̪ɾɛhɔʴḏ] Notes: a sneeze. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
sùbailte[su̜:bilʹtʹə] Quotation: Tha e cho sùbailte ri easgann. Notes: supple.
tadhalNotes: a goal in shinty.
taiceilNotes: stable, used of a boat.
tàirQuotation: Fhuair mi tàir a bha uamhasach. Notes: I met with great difficulties (loose).
tanaQuotation: cladach tana. Notes: a shallow shore.
treunQuotation: Nuair a bha e ’na threun. Notes: When he was in his prime, at his peak physically.
tuasaidQuotation: Tha e dona airson tuasaid. A’ tuasaid. Notes: fighting.
ucsaNotes: saithe.
alaire[ɑɫɑɾə] Notes: whisky, biscuits and cheese taken at a funeral.
amaiseachQuotation: duine amaiseach. Notes: perceptive, witty man.
aoirQuotation: Nach ann oirre tha ’n aoir. Notes: said of a very cold, cutting wind.
bacag[bɑxkɑɡ] Quotation: Chuir e bacag air. Notes: a wrestling “trip”.
bàillidhQuotation: La bàillidh. Notes: The day the rent was paid.
balg-snàmhadh[bɑɫɑɡsn̪ɑ̃:həɣ] Notes: air bladder in fish.
bìogais[bı:ɡiʃ] Notes: a kind of dogfish. DR says he wouldn’t know it from the “dallag”.
biolaireNotes: watercress. (Cf. miolaire – C. MacLean, Kyleakin.)
boinnealaich[bonʹɑɫiç] Notes: drops of rain.
bonnach-gropaidhNotes: same as ceann cropaic mixture but rolled into a ball.
breac-lion[bɾɛxklw̃ṉ] Notes: for lion-bhreac.
brù-dearganNotes: robin redbreast.
bruicheilQuotation: sìde bhruicheil. Notes: oppressively hot weather.
bruthainnQuotation: oidhche bhruthainn. Notes: a sultry night.
builgeadhQuotation: “Bha a’ soithean a’ builgeadh.” An ath bhuilgeadh ghabh i. Notes: fish breaking the surface.
buinnig[bũ̜nʹıɡʹ] Quotation: Tha a là a buinnigeadh, a sìor bhuinnigeadh. Notes: The day is getting longer.
bunabhuachailleNotes: Great Northern Diver.
cadha[kɑə] Notes: a cove.
callaQuotation: call’ fhaoileag [kɑɫw:lɑɡ]. Notes: flock of seagulls on the surface of the water where there is a shoal of herring. [NOTES: slipped under ‘cala’.]
calgQuotation: Tha calg math air a’ bheathach sin. Notes: hair on the beast.
canQuotation: Bha e a’ canail. Notes: saying.
ceannQuotation: ceann dubh air a’ ghealaich. Notes: moon just beginning to wane.
ceann-gropaidhNotes: same as ceann-cropaic.
ceann-maradhNotes: the buoy at the end of a small-line.
cioch-shlugainQuotation: a’ chioch-shlugain. Notes: uvula.
closnachNotes: a dead body, a carcase.
crannachanQuotation: a’ deanadh crannachan. Notes: making a “batch” of butter in a churn.
criochnaichQuotation: Dh’fhoighnich e dha co bha a’ criochnachadh ris. Notes: said when talking of a Glasgow policeman. He asked him (the policeman) who was on the beat next to him.
crom-riabhach[kɾw̃mrıɤɤx] Notes: the snipe.
cruibQuotation: Bha cruib air leis an fhuachd. Notes: huddled with the cold.
Quotation: cù sheilgeadh. Notes: hunting dog.
cùbaidNotes: pulpit.
cuimseach[kw̃mıʃɑx] Quotation: Bha e cuimseach làn. Notes: somewhat.
dàirQuotation: Bha na féidh a’ dàir a chéile. Notes: rutting.
daoranQuotation: “’S e beathach math a tha an sin agad.” “Och, tha daoran dheth ann.” Notes: DR heard an old woman say this in reply to someone who was complimenting her on a young beast which she had bought. She thought she had paid too much for it.
déile[dʹ[ɤı]lə] Notes: plank on which body was laid.
dreugaNotes: fireball (supposed to portend someone notable’s death).
drianachNotes: line on a rod.
faoileagQuotation: call’ fhaoileag [kɑɫw:lɑɡ]. Notes: flock of seagulls on the surface of the water where there is a shoal of herring.
faic[fɛçc] Notes: lobster’s hole among rocks.
failc[fɛlc] Quotation: Bha sinn gar failceadh cuideachd. Notes: We were bathing together.
failichQuotation: Dh’fhailich [ɣɛlʹiç] e orm. Notes: I failed to do it.
fàireadhQuotation: Bha dúil agam nach robh fàireadh air a’ chrodh. Notes: I thought there was no sight of the cows.
faoilinnNotes: raised beach.
farsbachNotes: a black-backed gull.
fasdadhQuotation: Ghabh mi fasdadh aig an tuathanach. Notes: employment with a kind of contract or agreement involved. Pay promised might be in kind – potatoes, meal, etc.
feamanadhNotes: working on seaweed – cutting and taking it home.
fiaradhQuotation: Tha thu a fiaradh na fìrinn. Notes: You are twisting the truth.
fineQuotation: Chaneil fhios agam dé a’ fine a th’aige. Notes: surname.
foighnichQuotation: Foighneachd thusa dhiomsa! Notes: Ask me!
gaisde[ɡɛʃdʹə] Quotation: gaisde sguabaich. Notes: heather brush. (Or gaisde fraoich.)
gaisde[ɡɛʃdʹə] Quotation: gaisde fraoich. Notes: heather brush. (Also gaisde sguabaich.)
geamhradailQuotation: Tha e gu math geamhradail an diugh. Notes: wintry.
geàrr-réisQuotation: Bheireadh e air geàrr as a gheàrr-réis. Notes: (?)
gille-bianan[ɡılʹəb[ĩɤ̃]ṉɑṉ] Notes: phosphorescence.
gnòsd[ɡɾɔ̃:səd̪] Notes: grunt as of a cow or pig.
gocanQuotation: gocan or gocan cloinneadh. Notes: a young child.
guruchdagNotes: lapwing.

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