Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Kenny MacDonald
Uig, Lewis
Tiree, Cornaigmore
rangais[rɑŋɡiʃ] Notes: the strap running the length of the boat on which the seats rest on each side.
reangQuotation: reangan stòbhaig [rɛ̃ɣəṉsṯɔ:viɡʹ]. Notes: ribs put between the “urlair”. Laid across the boat, steamed and stood on.
it-fhiachNotes: gullet.
tòcQuotation: a’ toirt an tòc bho bhó, bho chaora, na bho each. Notes: lump on the skin over the eye. Skin was lifted, needle put through this skin with double thread, held, and slivers were cut off the lump with a knife.
treaghanach[t̪ɾɤɣɑ̃ṉɔx] Notes: a cow which hasn’t calved for over three years.
ceannachradh[cɑ̃nɑxɾɑɣ] Notes: thwart brace. [NOTES: slipped under ‘ceannachnadh’.]
fàladair[fɑ:ɫəd̪ɛð] Notes: grass that comes up later on in the year in a place which has been grazed in early summer.
feannadh-builg[fjɑ̃n̪əɣbu̟liɡʹ] Quotation: a’ deanamh feannadh-builg. Notes: a method of skinning a rabbit or even a sheep (?). A hole was made in the skin. The person doing the skinning would then blow through the hole forcing the skin to rise from the carcase.
fuarQuotation: a’ toirt a mach an dòrn fhuar. Notes: feat of strength tried when a cow was killed. One of the legs was caught near the hoof and twisted till it broke from the knee, then twisting was continued till the skin broke.
gamhnachNotes: a cow which hasn’t calved for over a year.

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