Gàidhlig / English


Corpus na Gàidhlig has been moved to https://dasg.arts.gla.ac.uk/CQPweb.

In order to access Corpas na Gàidhlig, users will need to register with CQPweb (Corpus Query Processor) unless you have already registered. It’s free and all you need is your name and email address. To create an account, please visit here. Please do not use special characters such as $, @, /, etc. or an email address as your user name.

Corpus na Gàidhlig has been extended with new texts added and a number of former features restored. These include

  • accent (in)sensitive searching
  • lenited forms searching
  • more intelligent handling of hyphens and apostrophes in search queries
  • metadata for texts where such exists at present.