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Metadata for text 63
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Title Cabhair do Chroiteran airson Tighean-comhnuidh agus Togalaichean eile a chuir ann an ordugh
Author Anon., for Board of Agriculture for Scotland
Editor N/A
Date Of Edition 1921
Date Of Language 1900-1949
Publisher Board of Agriculture for Scotland
Place Published Edinburgh
Volume N/A
Location National Library of Scotland
Geographical Origins Unknown
Register Education, Prose
Alternative Author Name N/A
Manuscript Or Edition Ed.
Size And Condition 24.5cm x 21.1cm
Short Title Cabhair do Chroiteran
Reference Details NLS: GAE.2
Number Of Pages Single-leaf poster printed on one side only
Gaelic Text By N/A
Illustrator N/A
Social Context This text is a poster, from the Board of Agriculture for Scotland, advising crofters that although the money that the Health Board are offering can only be used to build new houses, the Board of Agriculture for Scotland is still offering loans to crofters to improve houses and other buildings. It points out that crofters who take out a loan of this type will also receive building materials at the price the Board paid for them. These will be delivered to the nearest station or port to the crofter, without additional transport costs. The text was probably composed by a Gaelic-speaking member of the Board of Agriculture for Scotland.
Contents The poster reads as follows:

Ged nach fhaodar ni sam bith a dheanadh leis an t-airgead tha am Bòrd Slanagadh toirt seachad ach cuir suas tighean ùr, tha am Bòrd Tuathnachais Alba deonach gu bi fios aig na h-uille nach gu’m bheil iad fhein fathast toirt airgead-iasachd do chroiteran airson tighean agus togalaichean eile a chuir ann an ordugh na ’s fhear; agus a bharrachd sin, gheibh croiter sam bith a ghabhas iasachd de’n t-seorsa cungidhan airson an obair aig a’ phrios a chosd iad d’an Bhòrd, agus air a chuir mach aig a’ station no phuirt a ’s fhaisg dha, gun cosd idir airson a’ ghiulan.

Board of Agriculture for Scotland
29 St. Andrew Square,
Edinburgh August 1921
Language The subject of this poster is the availability of loans to build and improve crofter housing. The poster records a period in Highland history when a number of organisations were trying to encourage crofters to improve their housing conditions. The terminology used reflects this. Of particular interest are the terms used for the Health Board and for the Board of Agriculture for Scotland: am Bòrd Slanagadh and am Bòrd Tuathnachais Alba. Also of interest are the terms used for ‘loan’ – iasachd and airgead-iasachd, the use of the unlenited fathast, and the use of the phrase na h-uille n[e]ach. In general, the language shows signs that the author was unfamiliar with composing Gaelic documents of this sort, e.g. leis an t-airgead, air a chuir mach.
Orthography The orthography is generally that of the early twentieth century although there are a number of eccentricities. The ‘broad to broad, slender to slender’ spelling rule has generally been upheld, although not in the phrase do chroiteran. Also of interest is the use of gu bi rather than gum bi, the use of dheanadh rather than dheanamh, the use of a bharrachd sin rather than a bharrachd air sin, the spelling of fhear with only one r, and the spelling of uille with a double l.
Edition First edition
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