Publications about CQPweb

If you use CQPweb in your published research, it would be very much appreciated if you could provide readers with a reference to the following paper:

  • Hardie, A (forthcoming) CQPweb - combining power, flexibility and usability in a corpus analysis tool.

The paper itself will be made available to download as soon as it is finished!

Click here for other references relating to Corpus Workbench software.


Who did it?

CQPweb was created by Andrew Hardie (Lancaster University).

Most of the architecture, the look-and-feel, and even some snippets of code were shamelessly half-inched from BNCweb.

BNCweb's most recent version was written by Sebastian Hoffmann (University of Trier) and Stefan Evert (University of Osnabrück). It was originally created by Hans-Martin Lehmann, Sebastian Hoffmann, and Peter Schneider.

The underlying technology of CQPweb is manifold.

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