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Stories and Songs from Berneray

  • Sgeulachd / Story - An Stoirm / A Storm Separated Berneray and Pabbay
  • Sgeulachd / Story - Uisge-beatha / Distilling on Pabbay
  • Sgeulachd / Story - Beinn a’ Chlaidh / Hill of the Cemetery
  • Sgeulachd / Story - Cnoc nan Claigeann / Hillock of the Skulls
  • Sgeulachd / Story - Seirbheisean, Beinn a’ Chlaidh / Religious Service on a Hill
  • Fios / Info - ‘Lag mo Rìgh’ & ‘Àird mo Rìgh’ / King’s Hollow & King’s Point
  • Òran Cumha / Lament Song - Caisteal a’ Ghlinne
  • Òran Gaoil / Love Song - Guma Slàn a Chì Mi Mo Chailin Dìleas Donn
  • Sgeulachd / Story - Cù Choinnich a Fhuair Dhachaigh / Dog Who Made It Home
  • Sgeulachd / Story - Leacan / Ferry Flagstones
  • Sgeulachd / Story - Fly an Cù / Fly the Dog
  • Sgeulachd / Story - Cù Choinnich a’ Dìon a Chlò / Kenneth’s Dog & Sheepskin
  • Sgeulachd / Story - Fear a Chaidh air Chall, Hiort / Man Nearly Died, St Kilda
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Tracy Chipman
Donald Alick MacKillop (Splash)
Local stories and songs from Donald Alick MacKillop, 1997. How Pabbay and Berneray were separated by a storm, how kings were buried by a standing stone, how a whole village was blown away by a storm. Also stories on whisky making, the Boar War and St Kilda. Songs: Caisteal a’ Ghlinne; Mo Chailin Dìleas Donn.
conversation story
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