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Stories and Poems from Daliburgh

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Daliburgh, South Uist
1997, 1998
English, Gaelic
Tracy Chipman
Donald Angus MacDonald
Some content redacted. Poetry, contributor’s own compositions. Local stories on The Politician, on death, second sight, foretelling, a water horse and superstitions from 1997. Songs and poems: Mìosan na Bliadhna, Camilla’s Poem, A Mhaighdeann an Fhuilt Dhuibhe(?), Duan na Càisge, Brave Caledonia/Dark Lochnagar, Fàgail Eilean a’ Cheò, The Song of Essie, Moladh Mnathan Eiridinn Ospadal an Rathaig Mhòir Inbhir Nis, untitled compositions.
conversation story poem
Additional Info:
“Dòmhnall was always very welcoming and looked forward to his many visitors, they used to come from all over the world. He was a kind, softly spoken & modest man and never boasted about any of his work. We are fortunate as a family that we now have his book to look at some of his bàrdachd, it was just unfortunate that is was published after his death. I enjoyed visiting him in his home, he was always interested in what I was involved in in school etc. I enjoyed our football chats, he preferred to listen to the games on the wireless, instead of coming in to our house to watch them - he didn’t have a tv. He always spoke Gàidhlig to us and yes we speak Gàidhlig as a family.” – Mary Ann Campbell, Donald's Great Niece
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