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Record: West Highland Museum

West Highland Museum

Cameron Square
Fort William
PH33 6AJ

Tel: +44 (0)1397 702169
E-mail: fiona@westhighlandmuseum.org.uk
Web: http:// www.westhighlandmuseum.org.uk

Organisation type
Other info: n/a
Our collections Scottish Gaelic recordings mostly of social history interest. There are also some songs.
Recordings (duration, dates & recording formats) Duration: 1-100
Other info: n/a

Format: CD / DVD, DAT, Audio Cassette
Other format(s): n/a

Date(s): 1990-1999, Since 2000
Other info: n/a
Geographical locations Ireland: n/a
Other info: n/a

Scotland: The Highlands
Other info: Lochaber

Canada: n/a
Other info: n/a

Other areas: n/a
Other info: n/a

Any other area: n/a
Other information Content types: Speech (including oral history, folktales and so on), Song
Other info: n/a

Access: There is no public access at the moment as there is no study area in the Museum at present.

Completion status: 80% digitised
Other info: n/a

Background info: Many of the recordings were made during the mid 1990s when the Museum ran a oral recording project. Other recordings were added later often from earlier periods.

Collection descriptions: Yes

Any other information: n/a