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Record: National Library of Australia – Oral History and Folklore Branch

National Library of Australia – Oral History and Folklore Branch

Parkes Place West
Canberra ACT 2600

Tel: 02 6262 1422
E-mail: oralhistory@nla.gov.au
Web: https://www.nla.gov.au/what-we-collect/oral-history-and-folklore

Organisation type
Other info: n/a
Our collections Scottish oral tradition in Australia: the Emily Lyle Collection
Possible other individuals interviews of interest.
Recordings (duration, dates & recording formats) Duration: 1-100
Other info: Duration total is for Emily Lyle Collection only: approx 45 hours.

Format: DAT, Other- please give details
Other format(s): DAT originals/preservation masters. MP3 and WAV user copies.

Date(s): 1970-79
Other info: Collection recorded in 1976-1977.
Geographical locations Ireland: n/a
Other info: n/a

Scotland: Argyll and the Isles, The Highlands, Dundee and Angus
Other info: This above geographical representation is only based on keyword searches of the above locations.

Canada: n/a
Other info: n/a

Other areas: n/a
Other info: n/a

Any other area: Australia
Other information Content types: Speech (including oral history, folktales and so on), Song, Instrumental Music
Other info: n/a

Access: Access conditions are: Access open for research; written permission required for personal copies and public use from Director of School of Scottish Studies.

As this is the case, researchers may access the interviews at the National Library of Australia in Canberra, or via interlibrary loan (see instructions below).

For personal copies (which may be ordered for a fee of $16.50/CD via our Copies Direct service) and public use, permissions must first be obtained via the Oral History and Folklore branch at oralhistory@nla.gov.au – we will contact the rightsholder on requestors behalf. A note explaining interest in the material and any intended use must be included. This may take some time as rightsholders are invited to respond at their own convenience.

Instructions for interlibrary loan

You can request the material through the interlibrary loans service of another library (public, university, work), however, please be advised that some libraries may charge you for this service. Once we receive an interlibrary loan request from another library, we will send them the material for you to access there.

Your library will receive the material and you will be required to view the material under the supervision of a librarian, as you would if you were in the National Library. You will need to follow their interlibrary loans request procedure so please ask the library you wish to use for instructions.

Completion status: 100% digitised
Other info: User MP3s made for all recordings.

Background info: Please see catalogue records.

Collection descriptions: Yes

Any other information: For further questions please contact oralhistory@nla.gov.au. Some questions may be able to be answered by the Curator or Reference Staff, but we cannot undertake research. The main website for the institution is http://www.nla.gov.au/