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Record: Ceolas Uibhist

Ceolas Uibhist

Taigh GLEUS,
Uibhist a Deas

Tel: 0044 01878 700154
E-mail: info@ceolas.co.uk
Web: www.ceolas.co.uk

Organisation type
Local History Society / Community Group
Other info: Ceolas is a community group that provides Gaelic teacher education and has carried out Research with EOST and we provide entertainment and performance
Our collections Ceolas has been filming and recording our Summer School Community Events for the last 13 years.
Recordings (duration, dates & recording formats) Duration: 101-500
Other info: Our archive is 2004 - 2016 with some earlier Broadcast video and radio programmes in Gaelic.

Format: Reel, CD / DVD, Digital Storage, DAT, Audio Cassette
Other format(s): n/a

Date(s): Since 2000
Other info: 90%+ are in the first week of July from 2004 onwards. Symposium talks recorded from 20099 onwards - usually in the last week in July in Iochdar South UIst
Geographical locations Ireland: n/a
Other info: n/a

Scotland: Outer Hebrides
Other info: 95%= from South UIst

Canada: n/a
Other info: n/a

Other areas: n/a
Other info: n/a

Any other area: n/a
Other information Content types: Speech (including oral history, folktales and so on), Song
Other info: Most of the recordings are live performance

Access: some are online i.e. YOUTUBE

Completion status: 60% digitised
Other info: Not catalogued

Background info: Ceolas records our concers/recitals/talks for our ownarchive purposes. Some recordings have been added to Ceolas youtube.

Collection descriptions: No

Any other information: Hoping to have a new building wherein archive can be stored. Currently do not have much of the equipment needed to build an archive i.e. reel-to-reel recordings donated to us, and transport and digitising machines and software needed.