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Record: Leabharlann Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

Leabharlann Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

An Leabharlann,
Sabhal Mòr Ostaig,
An Teanga,
An t-Eilean Sgitheanach
IV44 8RQ

Tel: 01471 888431
E-mail: sm00cfc@uhi.ac.uk
Web: http://www.smo.uhi.ac.uk/en/rannsachadh/leabharlann/

Organisation type
Educational / Research Institution / Archive
Other info: HE College Library
Our collections Audio recordings
(1) Ken MacKinnon collection
2 audio cassettes, also held by the School of Scottish Studies
(1) An afternoon with Nan MacKinnon & her brother Peter in Vatersay, 1976 (2) an evening with Mrs Campbell & her family in Banks of Broad Cove, Inverness county, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, 1975 (copies lodged with School of Scottish Studies)

(3) Sleat Local History Project: 13 audio cassettes, digitised. Recorded early 1980s. Subjects include local history, social life & folklore. Contributors include Aonghas Dhunnchaidh (Dòmhnallach) Tarscavaig; Niall Ceannaideach, Aird a Mhàsair; An t-Urramach Ailean MacLeòid, Eaglais Shaor Shlèite; Alasdair MacFhionghuin, Glas na Cille; Bogle MacFhionghuin, Port Ealghoil; Calum MacDhonnchaidh, Drinan; Mary Richardson (Dòmhnallach), Ealaghol, Lachlann MacDhonnchaidh, Ealaghol.

(3) Nancy Dorian interviews: 5 audio cassettes, digitised, also held by the School of Scottish Studies
(1) Brora Gaelic speakers - Bella MacRae, age 73, recorded approx. 1964, Sarah (Sutherland MacRae (Mrs John MacRae), age 78, recorded 1968 & Jean Dempster, age approx. 66, recorded 1970
(2)Golspie Gaelic speakers - Margaret (Macrae) MacKay (Mrs Robert), age approx. 69, recorded 1964 & 1968; Sinclair Sutherland, age approx. 66, recorded 1964
(3) Embo Gaelic speakers (2 audio cassettes)- Jessie (MacKay) Fraser (Mrs Thomas), age approx. 56, recorded 1968; Lena (Mrs Kenneth) age 42, recorded 1967, Kenna MacKay, age 51, recorded 1967; Alexander MacKay, age 82, recorded 1970
(4) John Cameron, Brae of Kinkell, Black Isle, age late 70s, recorded 1967.
Most of these cassettes are not full.

(4) Calum Ruadh MacNeacail, Skye Bard, 1902-1978 (13 reels, recorded between mid-1950 to late 1960, containing songs and poetry). Some are copies of recordings made for the BBC and are also held by the School of Scottish Studies. Some are informal recordings. Includes recordings made by Danish ethnomusicologist Thorkild Knusden, used for the School of Scottish Studies Scottish Tradition Series (No.7).

Recordings (duration, dates & recording formats) Duration: Not known
Other info: n/a

Format: Reel, Audio Cassette
Other format(s): mp3

Date(s): 1950-59, 1960-69, 1970-79, 1980-89
Other info: n/a
Geographical locations Ireland: n/a
Other info: n/a

Scotland: Outer Hebrides, Argyll and the Isles, The Highlands
Other info: n/a

Canada: Nova Scotia
Other info: n/a

Other areas: n/a
Other info: n/a

Any other area: n/a
Other information Content types: Speech (including oral history, folktales and so on), Song
Other info: n/a

Access: On-site access to collections where copies have been made for preservation and access purposes and relevant permissions have been granted.

Completion status: 20% digitised
Other info: Only a small number of audio recordings have been migrated to digital format (~<20%. Our goal would be to digitise collections for preservation and access purposes. Priority would be given to materials where digital copies do not already exist.

Background info: See above

Collection descriptions: Yes

Any other information: Collection listings / descriptions exist only for some of the material.