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Record: Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic, Department of Celtic & Gaelic, Glasgow University

Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic, Department of Celtic & Gaelic, Glasgow University

3 University Gardens
G12 8QH

Tel: 0141 330 8666
E-mail: Mark.McConville@glasgow.ac.uk
Web: http://www.dasg.ac.uk

Organisation type
Educational / Research Institution / Archive
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Our collections Among other things (not yet catalogued), we hold several audio tapes sent to us by Professor Nancy Dorian, recorded in East Sutherland in the early 1970s.
Recordings (duration, dates & recording formats) Duration: 1-100
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Format: Audio Cassette
Other format(s): The audio tapes have been digitised by the DASG team, and are stored on the DASG server in mp3 format.

Date(s): 1970-79
Other info: n/a
Geographical locations Ireland: n/a
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Scotland: The Highlands
Other info: These recordings were made in Embo and Golspie, East Sutherland.

Canada: n/a
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Other areas: n/a
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Any other area: n/a
Other information Content types: Speech (including oral history, folktales and so on)
Other info: A significant part of the recordings involves elicited words and phrases.

Access: These recordings, along with transcriptions in IPA and standard Gaelic orthography, will be freely available on the DASG website in due course.

Completion status: 100% digitised
Other info: The audio has been fully digitised and partially transcribed.

Background info: These recordings were made by Professor Nancy Dorian during the early 1970s when she was conducting sociolinguistic fieldwork into the dying East Sutherland Gaelic dialect. These recordings feature the last generation of fluent Gaelic speakers from this part of Scotland. She handed the recordings over to the DASG project for digitisation in 2014.

Collection descriptions: No

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