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Dean of Lismore is a measured prose description of Mac Gregor ' s horse — 28 lines .
The last 4 speak of coming from Ireland to praise and to seek it in Alba , and this composition of 1512 is very like the oral descriptions of Cuchullin ' s Car .
Similar passages abound in old Irish writings and in current prose tales .
Mac Pherson ' s English was condemned by critics , but it was founded upon some old Gaelic original .
There is nothing to show where the Gaelic of 1807 came from .
BHA moran aig m - athair ( Iain mac Iain ic Eoghain , air Carbadan Chuchullinn ) Carbad Comhraig agus Carbad Alaire Chuchullin .
Cha chuala sibh riamh na bhaaig do bhardachd Oisein .
Is cuimhne leamsa nuair bha mi og agus an t aite so lan dhaoine , lan tuath , gum bitheadh an tigh againn cho lan a dh ' oigire ' s a sheanairi ( agus do sheanairibh ?
) fad na h - oiche gheamhraidh agus a chunnaic sibh tigh bail reamh .
Moire ' s an a sin a bha an oigiri anns an aite so , agus

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