Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Informant Origin
North Uist, Locheport
leasachadhQuotation: a’ deanamh leasachadh air duine. Notes: treating a person preferentially.
luibh a’ chneasNotes: queen of the meadow. (Tiree)
maighdeagNotes: winkle. (Tiree)
marsanta-nan-corcNotes: earwig. (Tiree)
muir-tiachd[mu̟ɾtʹiɑxk] Notes: jellyfish.
roidNotes: bog-myrtle. (Tiree)
rùid (sing)[ru̜:dʹ] Quotation: na rùid (pl). Notes: a wave. (Tiree)
iomhaighQuotation: iomhaigh a’ choigrich. Notes: false face. (Tiree)
sùganNotes: horse collar.
aodannanNotes: false face.
balg-loisgteNotes: jelly-fish. (Tiree)
canaQuotation: canachan (pl). Notes: porpoise. (North Uist)
carbhanNotes: bream. (Tiree)
casa-poiteNotes: porpoise. (Tiree)
ciubhrach[cu̟rɔx] Quotation: ciubhrach uisge. Notes: fine drizzly rain.
cneasQuotation: Luibh a’ chneas. Notes: Queen of the Meadow. (Tiree)
coigreachQuotation: iomhaigh a’ choigrich. Notes: false face.
conan-maraNotes: sea urchin. (Tiree)
corcQuotation: marsanta nan corc. Notes: earwig. (Tiree)
gineacha-geala (pl)Notes: white winkles. (Tiree)
gobhar-bhreac (sic)Notes: snail with a shell. (Tiree)
góbhlagNotes: earwig.

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