Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Harris, Horgabost
a’ platraichsound of trout jumping in the water.
reuleichforked branch.
a’ cliathadh (v)shoal of herring – sgadan a cliathadh.
cliath (n)[See a’ cliathadh].
cliabh a sgadainmineach a sgadain.
coille biananphosphorescence.
slòcangreen slime on rocks.
a tighinn aig roidsulaire: diving.
a tiabairtcircling [?], [?].
sluitraiganflat stone used for skimming across surface of water.
a sluitrichskimming stones.
oil of herring on surface of cooking water.
eunlaithcluster of feeding birds.
bulgeananbubbles in water.
gribeachfeeling when fish is there.
[deargadh]“Cha d’fhuair iad deargadh.” – Cha d’fhuair iad càil.
a’ deargadha toirt pìos as.
trì-bhileachbog bean; plant used to make infusion to cure stomach complaints also psoriasis.
dubhchasachused as purple dye.
bainne slamainrennet; old practice of keeping milk in the stomach of a calf which was hung up and opened whenever the milk was needed to make cheese.
oaisg6 months – 1 year old lamb.
irisgoasg le uan.
athaisg2 year old with first lamb. (Bays)
dianag2 year old with 2nd lamb. (Pabbay and west side)
rimhinn chròsheep without lamb for four years; the best conditioned of the flock. (Bays)
spòg dhubhblackleg.
greigharscabs [?] on ear.
a chrithtrembling caused by tic[k].
doilleheather blindness.
fiabhras bhainnemilk fever.
teine-biorrachglow worm. “Cho luath ris an teine bhiorrach.”

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