Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Skye, Breakish
Quotation: Chuir mi an là air a’ chrois-iarna. Notes: I didn’t do anything useful all day; I frittered the day away.
Quotation: duine gun dà là, duine gun là idir.
Quotation: là na gogaireachd [ɡɔɡəɾɑxk]. Notes: April Fool’s Day.
lagais[ɫɑɡiʃ] Notes: usually, according to K.F., made up of a layer of dung and a layer of seaweed (brùchd) alternately. Martin MacDonald – could be just dung.
làmhadh[ɫɑ̃:həɣ] Notes: axe.
lamp-eolainnNotes: oil lamp.
laoichgeann[ɫw:çɡʹən̪] Notes: could be the carcase of an old beast; often applied to a lazy person who had a habit of lying stretched out.
leac-theinntean[lʹɑxkhĩ:nʹɑṉ] Notes: hearth-stone.
leanQuotation: a’ leanalt [lʹɛ̃ṉɑɫt̪]. Notes: following.
leanaltachQuotation: geamhradh leanaltach. Notes: protracted winter.
leannan-òinsich[lʹɑ̃n̪ɑṉɔ̃:ʃiç] Notes: applied to a man who would go with any woman who came his way. In general “an easily-led man”.
leasgadach[lʹɛsɡəd̪ɑx] Notes: lame (from leth-sgòdach?).
leumQuotation: ceum leum. Notes: stepping stones.
liasQuotation: Fhuair e droch ghearradh ’s dh’fhàg e lias air. Notes: a scar.
linn[lʹ[ɤi]nʹ] Notes: a brood, domestic or wild fowl.
liugQuotation: Liug e. Notes: He avoided meeting someone, he shied off.
liùgaireNotes: used sometimes of a sheepdog which lay down often in the course of herding sheep so as not to excite them. Considered a good sheepdog.
loch-bhlianNotes: the flank of a sheep, between the lower rib and the hip-bone.
luch-fheòirNotes: field mouse.
luinnseach[ɫ[ɤ̃ĩ]ʃɑx] Notes: an idler, a loafer.
lùrach[ɫu̜:ɾɑx] Notes: untidy female.
lurgQuotation: Bha mi as a’ choille a’ gearradh luirg. Notes: straight hazel wands used for making walking sticks with a horn handle. (Lurg bat: the straight part of a walking stick.)
maide-froiseadhNotes: a stick used to thresh sheaves singly (sheaves held under the arm).
maide-poiteadhNotes: a spurtle.
mala[mɑɫə] Notes: forehead.
maorsainneachd[mw̃ʴsnʹɑxk] Notes: regulating the affairs of a crofting township. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
màthairQuotation: màthair uisge, màthair an tobair. Notes: source.
meallNotes: sometimes used for a waterfall.
mi-shealbh[mĩ:hɑɫəv] Notes: mischief.
mì-shealbhte  [mĩ:hɑɫitʹə] Notes: mischievous.
miulaire[mju̜ɫəɾə] Notes: watercress.
MoireQuotation: Moire, tha! Notes: Yes, definitely so!
mol[mɔ̃ɫ] Notes: term used for bigger rounded stones found on the beach – cobble-stone size.
monobar (sic)[mɔ̃ṉɔbəɾ] Quotation: a’ monobar. Notes: carrying on a whispered conversation.
mucQuotation: Nach e a fhuair a’ mhuc air a’sgian. Notes: getting something “on a plate”.
muc-faileagNotes: rose-hip.
ràmhQuotation: Bha sinn air an t-aon ràmh. Notes: We were cooperating, seeing eye to eye.
reibseach[rɛbʃɑx] Notes: a slovenly woman who didn’t care about what she did or said.
reip[rɛp] Quotation: Tha reip air fhagail air a phoit. Notes: a dirty scum.
reiseid (sp.?)[re:sɑdʹ] Notes: raisin.
riachdalachQuotation: duine riachdalach. Notes: hesitant, indecisive.
riachdailQuotation: Dé a’ riachdail a th’ort? Notes: Why are you hesitating?
riachdalachdQuotation: a’ riachdalachd. Dé a’ riachdail a th’ort? Notes: showing indecision, hesitating.
rìleadhQuotation: “’S tu tha feumach air rìleadh bhreabaidh a thoirt ort.” Notes: a good thrashing.
robhas[rɔəs] Quotation: Chan fhaca mi sgeul na robhas air.
ròic[rɔ:çc] Quotation: Bha ròic againn air buntàta is sgadan. Notes: a feast.
roisean[rɔʃɛ̃ṉ] Quotation: Bhiodh roisean air a’ bhriogais aige. Notes: mire on the bottoms of a man’s trousers, e.g. after ploughing.
ròpQuotation: ròp anairt. Notes: clothes line.
rosgNotes: eyelash.
rùchdailNotes: rumbling sound in stomach.
rùdachdQuotation: a’ rùdachd. Notes: searching, rummaging.
rùdhanaich[ru̜:ɑ̃ṉiç] Notes: rumbling sound in stomach.
ruighinnQuotation: Cho ruighinn ri gad seilich.
rùsgadhQuotation: Thug a’ bhrog rùsgadh air na casan aige. Notes: chafing.
ruthadh[ru̜həɣ] Quotation: Tha ruthadh anns an aodann aige. Notes: ruddiness.
athainn[ɑhĩnʹ] Quotation: Chaidh am beathach ann an athainn. Notes: getting into a position from which it could not extricate itself.
ath-theinne[ɑˈhĩnʹə] Notes: flaming peat used as a torch. (See Dw. for ath-theinne.)
sìthQuotation: Bha siubhal sìth aice. Notes: some were supposed to have this power. If one glanced away for a very short time from looking at such a person and then looked again, they seemed to have covered an incredible distance for such a short time.
siubalQuotation: Thigeadh i dhachaidh agus siubal oirre. Notes: water and mud sticking to the hem of women’s long skirts. (C. MacLean, Kyleakin pronounces it [ʃo:pəɫ].)
siubhalQuotation: Bha siubhal sith aice. Notes: some were supposed to have this power. If one glanced away for a very short time from looking at such a person and then looked again, they seemed to have covered an incredible distance for such a short time.
siumrag[ʃũ̜məɾɑɡ] Notes: shamrock.
aigQuotation: Fada gun eirigh ’s coma co ac. Notes: couldn’t care less. Lewis – coma co dhiùbh.
adagNotes: in Breakish, usually made up of eight sheaves standing like a cone.
iacladhQuotation: Cha do rinn e iacladh turaidh an diugh. Notes: a short break in a rainy day.
iarunn-sabhtraidhNotes: soldering iron.
iasadQuotation: Tha móran obair ann an each iasaid.
iobradhQuotation: Slainte gun iobradh!
ìobradhQuotation: Cha do rinn e ìobradh turaidh an diugh.
iomlaid[w̃məɫɑdʹ] Quotation: a’ deanamh iomlaid. Notes: an exchange, exchanging.
iorghaill[jwɾəɣilʹ] Notes: confusion, turmoil.
iseanQuotation: isean rabaid, isean geàrr.
òganachNotes: a young shoot.
oidhcheQuotation: oidhche Chullaig. Notes: Hogmanay.
oitir[ɔtʹəɾ] Notes: area of sand which is uncovered when the tide recedes.
olaQuotation: ola sgadain. Notes: used in oil lamps.
òrdaireachdQuotation: ag ordaireachd [sic]. Notes: hammering.
òrdanNotes: order.
òrdughQuotation: òrdugh éisg; ’na ghearradh na òrdughan. Notes: fish-steak.
plabhtraigeadhNotes: scalding, by pouring boiling water over something.
planndaisg[pɫ[ɑu̜]n̪d̪iʃɡʹ] Notes: young cabbage for planting.
plaosgQuotation: a’ plaosgadh ubh. Notes: shelling an egg.
plàsd[pɫɑ:sd̪] Notes: a kind of poultice.
pleatach[plɛt̪ɑx] Notes: splay-footed.
pleathag[plɛhɑɡ] Notes: a flat piece of wood used to fill in the hole made by the dibble.
pliobair[plibiɾ] Notes: a person who was at everybody’s beck and call.
pliutag[plu͎t̪ɑɡ] Notes: a slap with the back of the hand, a light cuff.
pollQuotation: poll-buirean [p[ɤu]ɫbu͎:ɾɑṉ]. Notes: a patch of ground churned into mud by the stamping of deer at the rutting season.
pollagNotes: potato pit.
potag[pɔt̪ɑɡ] Quotation: potag mhine. Notes: a ball made from oatmeal rolled with a little water – given to cattle and sheep.
pràbanNotes: a shebeen.
pràiseach[pɾɑ:ʃɑx] Notes: cast-iron.
pràiseachQuotation: ’S ann air a tha ’n aghaidh phràiseach. Notes: said of a forward, bold person.
prìneQuotation: prìne anairt. Notes: clothes peg.
puinneag[pũ̜nʹɑɡ] Notes: a small type of “sealbhag” found growing among potatoes.
putaireNotes: dibble.
sabhtar[s[ɤu̟]t̪əɾ] Notes: solder.
sàilQuotation: a’ cur breaban is sàil air bròg. Notes: heel.
saipleis[sɛpliʃ] Notes: soapy water. (Elgol)
saoireadhQuotation: Bheireadh tu do shaoireadh gu robh e marbh. Notes: You would swear that he was dead.
sealbhQuotation: Có a b’fheàrr sealbh air? Notes: Who had the better claim to it?
searbhadair[ʃɛɾɛd̪ɑɾ] [?] Notes: towel. Searbhadair soithichean – dish towel.
seasgQuotation: caora seasg o reithe. Notes: applied to a sheep which hadn’t been to a ram.
seid[ʃedʹ] Notes: a “shake-down”.
sgaimhleach[sɡ[ɑ̃ĩ]lɑx] Quotation: cù sgaimhleach. Notes: restless, not able to stay in the one place for very long.
sgalathadaich[sɡɑɫɑhɑd̪iç] Notes: shouting loudly, making an awful din by shouting.
sgalltraigeadhNotes: scalding, by pouring boiling water over something.
sgethQuotation: sgeth mulamhàgag. Notes: frog spawn.
sgianQuotation: Nach e a fhuair a’ mhuc air a’ sgithinn [sɡʹıınʹ] [?]. Notes: Getting something “on a plate”.
sgitealaich[sɡʹitʹɑɫiç] Quotation: a’ sgitealaich. Notes: skimming. Used of a flat stone when sent skimming over the surface of water.
sgiul[sɡʹu̜ɫ] Quotation: Chaneil sgiul air na cnàmhan aige. Notes: not a morsel on his bones. Lewis ‘spiul’.
sgleòtagNotes: a small lythe.
sgliùrachNotes: untidy, lazy woman.
sgoltQuotation: ’S e spealg dheth fhéin a’ sgoltas an darach.
sgoltadhNotes: earmark.
sgonnanQuotation: Cho luath ri sgonnan. Cho crosda ri sgonnan.
sgrìobQuotation: each as a’ sgrìob ’s each air a bhàn. Notes: when ploughing.
sgrìobQuotation: Tha sgrìob drama orm. Notes: I feel the desire for a drink.
sgrìthNotes: an area of loose stones on a hillside.
siofag[ʃifɑɡ] Notes: wick.
slainteQuotation: Slainte gun ìobradh!
sliseag[ʃlʹiʃɑɡ] Notes: earmark.
smèidNotes: beckon.
smodar[smɔ̃d̪əɾ] Notes: small pieces of anything, broken bits, crumbs.
sneachdQuotation: Tha e a’ spianadh an t-sneachd. Notes: snow falling very lightly and sparsely.
sniag[ʃnʹĩɑ̃ɡ] Notes: a sneak.
sniagailQuotation: a’ sniagail. Notes: sneaking.
snighe[ʃnʹĩə] Notes: water leaking in through the roof.
snighe-dubhNotes: water coming in at the chimney.
snòdQuotation: snòd spealadh. Notes: the piece of wire from the blade to the shaft of a scythe.
snòthQuotation: snòth gàire [sn̪ɔ̃:ɡɑ:ɾə]. Notes: a smile. [NOTES: slipped under ‘snodh’.]
spàinQuotation: spàin ìm. Notes: wooden spoon used for cutting butter.
spaisdearachdNotes: walking or striding about.
spaoiligean[spwliɡʹɑṉ] Quotation: spaoiligean salainn. Notes: a pinch, say of salt.
speal-bheòilNotes: razor.
spealgQuotation: ’S e spealg dheth fhéin a sgoltas an darach.
spealt[spjɑɫt̪] Notes: a splint for broken bones.
speisealtNotes: excellent.
spianQuotation: Tha e a’ spianadh an t-sneachd. Notes: snow falling very lightly and sparsely.
spiulQuotation: a’ spiulladh cearc. Notes: plucking.
splocan[spɫɔxkɑṉ] Notes: mumps.
spulgadh[spu̜ɫəɡəɣ] Quotation: a’ spulgadh chnomhan. Notes: shelling.
stalachdach[st̪ɑɫɑxkɑx] Notes: stupid, thick-headed.
stamhaireachd[st[ɑu̜]ʴəɾɑxk] Notes: hesitating, indecisiveness. [NOTES: I use the turned r for the symbol which is unclear in the original. It may be an h.]
steap[st̪ɛp] Quotation: steap de lit.
steaplais[st̪ɛplɛʃ] Quotation: steaplais de lit. Notes: badly made porridge. (Elgol)
stéilleag[ʃtʹe:lʹɑɡ] Notes: the tongue of a shoe.
sticQuotation: droch stic [ʃtʹıçc]. Notes: a “bad stick”.
stireach[ʃtʹiɾɑx] Quotation: falt stireach. Notes: unruly, untidy.
stocainnQuotation: Dh’fhalbh mi air ceann mo stocainnean. Notes: having nothing on one’s feet but socks.
strònan[st̪ɾɔ:ṉɑṉ] Notes: term sometimes used for a cow halter.
strùmachQuotation: cù strùmach. Notes: a dog with a short, cut-off tail.
stùic[st̪u̟:çc] Quotation: stùic air crodh. Notes: heads down and ready to fight.
stùrr[stu̜:r] Notes: dross.
sughadh[sic] Quotation: sùghadh coinneil. Notes: candle-grease.
suidh[s[ɤı]] Notes: soot.
sumachadh[sũ̜mɑxəɣ] Quotation: a’ sumachadh. Notes: souming.
sùrdagQuotation: Bha sùrdag aige a falbh. Notes: He went off with a jaunty step.
tachaireNotes: a dwarf.
tàthadh[t̪ɑ:həɣ] Quotation: Thug mi tàthadh air. Notes: a swift, abrupt movement towards something.
teàrnadhNotes: descending (commonly used).
teirmeasg[t̪eɾemw̃sɡ] Notes: a person who was up to all sorts of tricks but not necessarily bad.
tiachd[tʹıɑxk] Quotation: Tha mi go tiachdadh leis a phadhadh. Notes: I’m just about dried up with thirst.
tighinn-fodha[tʹĩṉfoə] Notes: water that seeps in under a house.
tiùrrQuotation: tiùrr feamainn.
tobarQuotation: tobar ruadh. Notes: spring producing water containing iron.
tòic[t̪ɔ:çc] Quotation: Tha tòic anns an aodann aige. Notes: puffiness.
tonnQuotation: Bha tonn as a’ bhotul. Notes: a fair quantity.
tòrrQuotation: tòrr buntàta. Notes: potato pit. (Glendale, Skye.)
tòtaman[ṯɔ:ṯəmɑṉ] Notes: a spinning top.
triuthachNotes: whooping cough.
trulainnQuotation: Chaidh e trulainn orm. Notes: It went haywire on me, all mixed up.
tuaichealNotes: the disease in sheep whereby they stagger round without any sense of direction.
tuaimse[t̪u̟ɤmʃə] Quotation: Dh’fhalbh mi air thuaimse. Notes: for “tuairmse” in Dw. Going “on a hunch”, “on the off-chance”.
tubhailteNotes: table cloth.
turraghanQuotation: Bha e a’ turraghan as an t-sheithir. Notes: nodding off in the chair.
turramanQuotation: Bha e a’ turraman collach ri lonnag. Notes: n. a wobble; going from side to side.
tuthag[t̪u̟hɑɡ] Quotation: ’S fheàrr tuthag na toll ach is uaisle toll na tuthag. Notes: patch put on clothing.
ubhQuotation: uibhean linn. Notes: eggs for hatching.
uilbheag[u̟ləfɑɡ] Notes: a big boulder. [NOTES: slipped under ‘ulbhag’.]
ùrachdQuotation: ùrachd a’ bheithe is crionachd a’ challtuinn. Notes: suitability for burning.
abardachNotes: impudent, bold, forward.
achlasan[ɑxɫɑsɑṉ] Notes: a parcel which could be carried under one’s arm.
àileadhNotes: smell. (Lewis – fàileadh)
aiteal[ɑtʹɑɫ] Quotation: Cha dean e aiteal orm. Notes: usually used with the negative. “It won’t affect me in the least.”
aithnichtQuotation: duine aithnicht. Notes: well-known, famous.
anagladh[ɑ̃ṉɑɡɫəɣ] Quotation: ag anagladh a chruidh. Notes: shifting cattle from one grazing spot to another without harrying them.
aodharpann[ɤəɾpən̪] Notes: ankle.
aognaidhQuotation: (1) Bha mi a’ faireachadh aognaidh. (2) là aognaidh. Notes: (1) I was feeling shivery. (2) a bleak day.
artagQuotation: artag cladaich. Notes: area at the shore where grass grows but is covered at high tide. Grass is always short but liked by beasts. Frost doesn’t affect it. See “ceap artaig” or “ceap cladaich”.
atQuotation: at-buinn. Notes: swelling on the sole of the foot due to walking barefoot. [NOTES: slipped under ‘at-buinn’.]
babaid[bɑbɑdʹ] Quotation: Cha chreid mi nach toir sinn babaid as. Notes: a “rise”. “I think we’ll pull his leg.”
babhstarQuotation: babhstar cinn. Notes: the “bolster” put under the pillow.
bacanQuotation: bacan àrd, bacan ìseal. Notes: earmark.
bànQuotation: Each as a sgrìob ’s each air a’ bhàn. Notes: when ploughing.
bann-dùirnNotes: the cuff of a shirt.
bàrrQuotation: Bàrr na cluais agus sgoltadh as a’ bhun. Notes: earmarks.
bàrrQuotation: bàrr-faglaidh. Notes: part of the harvest left over in the springtime. Could be used the following winter.
bealaidhNotes: broom.
bearradh[bjɑrəɣ] Notes: a cliff.
beartQuotation: beart rainnich, fheòir, fhraoich, arbhair. Notes: a bundle tied with rope and carried on one’s back.
beathachQuotation: beathach stuic. Notes: a beast kept in the stock or fit for keeping in the stock.
béilleag[be:lʹɑɡ] Notes: leaflet.
beò-ghlacQuotation: Bha mi air mo bheò-ghlacadh. Notes: caught in the act and not able to escape.
beulQuotation: ’S ann aige tha ’n droch bheul. Notes: bad language.
bhoQuotation: Bho ’s cuimhne leamsa. Bho na tha cuimhne agams’… Notes: ever since I can remember. (Lewis – Bho ’s cuimhne leamsa.)
bileagQuotation: Bitheadh bileag a’ tighinn a mach tuilleadh. Notes: said of the first appearance of new grass in the spring.
biuthagan[bju̟əɡɑṉ] Quotation: Cha robh aca ach biuthagan soluisd. Notes: a very dim light.
boc[bɔxk] Notes: blister.
boglach[boɡəɫɑx] Notes: soft ground.
bonnachQuotation: bonnach donn. Notes: made from oatmeal and fish liver.
braclachQuotation: braclach bhoireannach. Notes: an untidy woman.
braclach[bɾɑxkɫɑx] Notes: area strewn with rocks.
branndair[bɾ[ɑu̜]n̪d̪ɑɾ] Notes: could be the grating in front of an open fire for making scones.
branndairQuotation: branndair dreasair. Notes: shelf, usually of wooden slats under the dresser where pails of water were kept.
bratagQuotation: bratag-thomhais. Notes: brown caterpillar found on the moor. (Exclusive to this?) [NOTES: slipped under ‘bratag-thomhais’.]
breabQuotation: ’S e do bhreabadh a tha a dhìth ort. Notes: said to a badly behaved child.
breabanQuotation: a’ cur breaban is sàil air bròg. Notes: leather half-sole put on a shoe.
breacadh-siananNotes: freckles.
briosgaidNotes: biscuit.
bròsQuotation: Bròs peasrach. Notes: peasemeal brose.
bruaillean[bɾu̟ɤlʹɛnʹ] Quotation: Chuir e bruaillean air an inntinn agam. Notes: It got me worried.
brùchdQuotation: brùchd feamainn. Notes: heap of rotten seaweed.
brunndailNotes: mumbling.
buaban[bu̜ɤbɑṉ] Notes: a device to prevent sheep from attempting to jump dykes or fences. A stick hung horizontally in front of the sheep’s legs, from a rope tied round its neck. If it attempted to jump, its front legs hit the stick.
buailQuotation: a’ bualadh an t-ìm. Notes: to take the buttermilk out of it.
busQuotation: bus-muiceadh. Co leis a tha ’m bus-muiceadh a tha sud? – referring to beast itself. Notes: defect in a beast whereby the upper jaw is longer than the lower. This impairs its ability to graze where the grass is short.
cabhail[kɑu̜əl] Notes: a stone wall built at the mouth of a river or head of a loch or inlet to catch fish when the tide recedes.
cadalQuotation: cadal nan con ’s a’ mhuilinn. Notes: as if sleeping but at the same time on the alert for the oatmeal to appear.
cagarQuotation: Tha, a’ chagair. Notes: Yes, dear.
càlQuotation: càl deanntaig. Notes: nettle soup.
càlQuotation: càl duilisg. Notes: dulse soup.
camardQuotation: Bha ’n camard air. Notes: a stiff neck, perhaps from sleeping in an awkward position. [NOTES: slipped under ‘camart’.]
caoraQuotation: caora Nollaig. Notes: a beast killed for Christmas/New Year.
càrnQuotation: càrn choire. Notes: a “hut” made up of perhaps 12-14 adagan secured by a rope.
carraichgean[kɑrɛçɡ'ɑṉ] Notes: carrageen.
casQuotation: Dh’fhalbh mi air mo chasan-beaga. Notes: barefoot.
casQuotation: casan-carbad fon a’ ghréin. Notes: shafts of sunlight.
cas-bheagQuotation: a’ cur cas-bheag air cù. Notes: putting a rope round a dog’s neck with a loop hanging down. Through this loop is put one of the front paws. Restricts freedom of movement.
ceannQuotation: Tha ceann dubh air a ghealaich. Notes: when the moon just starts to wane.
ceannQuotation: Dh’fhalbh mi air ceann mo stocainnean. Notes: having nothing on one’s feet but socks.
ceannaiche-siubhailNotes: packman.
ceann-àircean[c[ɑ̃ũ̜]n̪ɑ:ɾcɑṉ] Quotation: ’S e fìor cheann-àircean a th’ann dheth. Notes: “blockhead”.
ceapQuotation: ceap artaig or ceap cladaich. “A’ bhliadhna a thiodhlaic sinn Mairi Uilleim, b’eudar dhuinn ceap cladaich a chuir oirre.” – indication of what the weather was like. Notes: in severe frost a “ceap artaig” or “ceap cladaich” would [be] cut to cover a grave. Artag – grass covered area at the shore, covered at high tide. (See artag.)
ceapaQuotation: ceapa caoil. Notes: a bundle of willow wands for making a creel.
ceapairQuotation: ceapair òrdaig. Notes: a scone buttered with the thumb.
céileadairNotes: a visitor, a person who was ceilidhing.
ceumQuotation: ceum leum. Notes: stepping stones across a burn.
ceumQuotation: ceum-coiseadh. Notes: I took a stroll.
ciabanNotes: stomach of hen – where gravel is ground?
cilNotes: keel put on sheep.
clabhdQuotation: clabhd shoithichean. Notes: dishtowel.
clach-sporNotes: a stone which was used along with a piece of iron to make a spark.
clach-starsaich[kɫɑxst̪ɑʴsiç] Notes: said to be used for a step outside the door. [NOTES: I use the turned r for the symbol which is unclear in the original. It may be an h.]
clòdhan[kɫɔ:ɑṉ] Quotation: trì chlòdhanan. Notes: earmark.
cluasQuotation: cluas bhiorach. Notes: earmark (a good bite taken off).
cnàimhQuotation: cnàmhan glas [kɾɑ̃:əṉɡɫɑs]. Notes: potato patch. (1) Furrow turned with a spade, potato placed and the divot put upside down on top of it (fertiliser put in with potato). (2) Left unturned until the shaws grew. Then at the time of “togail uime” the strip left unturned was dug up and the earth put round the shaws for support.
cnàmhanNotes: complaining. Cnàmhan deudaidh: dull ache, nagging ache.
coQuotation: Co dhiùbh a bheil e a dol ann gos nach eil. Notes: whether he is going or not.
coQuotation: Fada gun éirigh ’s coma co ac’. Notes: Couldn’t care less. Lewis – coma co dhiùbh.
coirbhte[kɤɾɤftʹə] Notes: cross, perverse. (Dw – coirbte.)
comaQuotation: Fada gun éirigh ’s coma có ac’. Notes: Couldn’t care less. Lewis – coma co dhiùbh.
conasQuotation: Chuir mi conas air. Notes: I annoyed him.
corrachQuotation: rathad corrach. Notes: rough, uneven.
cothaichQuotation: Cothaichidh a’ bhó i fhéin ann an sin. Notes: getting enough feeding.
craobh-sgiuchagNotes: hawthorn.
cràigeanNotes: a peppery old man.
crathQuotation: Có tha sud a’ crathadh as a’ bhus? Notes: wave.
creamaisgeach[kɾɛ̃miʃɡʹɑx] Notes: creased, of clothes.
criathar-thollQuotation: Rinn iad criathar-tholl dheth. Notes: They riddled it full of holes, e.g. cloth eaten by moths.
crimeadhQuotation: a’ crimeadh cnaimh. Notes: nibbling, picking at.
crìonachdQuotation: Ùrachd a’ bheithe is crìonachd a’ challtuinn. Notes: suitability of wood for burning.
crith-bhileagQuotation: Bha crith-bhileag air leis an fhuachd. Notes: shivering uncontrollably.
cròcan[kɾɔ:xkɑṉ] Notes: earmark. (or cùlag)
crògNotes: a leather hand strap for pushing the needle in when repairing shoes.
crogan-feannaigNotes: mermaid’s pouch.
crois-iarnaQuotation: Chuir mi an là air a’ chrois-iarna. Notes: I frittered away the day; I didn’t do anything useful all day.
cromagQuotation: an cromag. Notes: the straight part of a walking stick.
cromaisg[kɾɔ̃miʃɡʹ] Quotation: cromaisg bodaich. Notes: about old man.
crùdanQuotation: Nach ann oirbh a tha na crùdanan [kɾu̜:d̪ɑṉəṉ]. Notes: used of fingers which are up to mischief, e.g. children’s.
cruibQuotation: Beathach ’s cruib air. Notes: hunched up.
Quotation: cù strùmach. Notes: a dog with a short, cut-off tail.
cuagachNotes: twisted, e.g. hen-toed.
cuideachdQuotation: ’S fheairrde cuideachd cuis-bhùirt.
cuileanQuotation: cuilean sionnaich. Notes: fox-cub.
cuimhneQuotation: Bho na tha cuimhne agams’… Notes: Ever since I can remember. (Lewis – Bho ’s cuimhne leamsa.)
cuimhneQuotation: Bho ’s cuimhne leamsa. Notes: Ever since I can remember.
cuimir[kɤ̃miɾ] Quotation: duine cuimir. Notes: a person of good appearance, handsome, well-dressed.
cuinnleanNotes: nostril.
cuirQuotation: a’ cur na cloicheadh. Notes: putting the shot.
cuis-bhùirtQuotation: ’S fheàirrde cuideachd cuis-bhùirt.
cuiseagQuotation: a’ togail cuiseag bhuntàt.
cùlagNotes: earmark. (Or “cròcan”.)
culaidhQuotation: Nach ann air a tha a’ chulaidh. Notes: used of a very fat person.
cullaigQuotation: Oidhche Chullaig. Notes: Hogmanay.
dàrnaigeadh[d̪ɑ:ʴṉıɡʹəɣ] Notes: darning. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
dealtag-oidhcheNotes: bat.
deàrrsach[dʹɑ:ʴsɑx] Quotation: deàrrsach uisge. Notes: a heavy downpour of rain. Deàrrsadh na gréine. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
déireach[dʹ[ɤi]ɾɑx] Quotation: Bithidh déireach as an tóin agad an ceartair. Notes: a (slightly) painful tingling sensation. Dh’ol mi deoch fhuar ’s thug e déireach as na fiaclan agam.
deiseag[dʹ[ɤı]ʃɑɡ] Notes: a slap given to a child on the backside.
deoghal[dʹɔəɫ] Notes: used for any kind of sucking or suckling.
dearachd[dʹı:dʹɑɾɑxk] Quotation: Bhitheadh e a’ dìdearachd oirre. Notes: peeping.
dìgNotes: a very wet, marshy spot; a kind of swamp, wet all the time and very green grass growing in it.
dinn[dʹĩ:nʹ] Notes: press.
diogal[dʹwɡəɫ] Notes: tickle.
dòrnagNotes: a size of stone which fits into the hand.
dorranQuotation: Bha dorran oirre. Notes: grumpiness, annoyance.
dranndan[d̪ɾ[ɑ̃ũ̜]n̪ɑṉ] Quotation: Bha iad a’ dranndan. Notes: bickering, picking a quarrel, building up for a fight.
dranndan[d̪ɾ[ɑ̃ũ̜]n̪ɑṉ] Quotation: Bha ’n cù a dranndan. Notes: growling.
drifeagach[d̪ɾıfɑɡɑx] Quotation: duine drifeagach. Notes: hard-working, go-ahead.
drochQuotation: ’S ann aige tha ’n droch bheul. Notes: bad language. [NOTES: slipped under ‘droch-bheul’.]
droigheann-ma-chrannNotes: ivy.
druisQuotation: Chaidh e ann an druis. Notes: He was caught in the act.
druis[d̪ɾu̟ʃ] Notes: bramble.
druiteag[d̪ɾu̟tʹɑɡ] Quotation: druiteag feur. Notes: a small portion, a small load.
durghailNotes: growling.
eacarsaich[ɛxɡəʴsiç] [?] Quotation: ag eacarsaich. Notes: doing some job in a very lively way, energetically. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
èalaideach[iɑɫɑdʹɑx] Quotation: èalaideach de dhuine. Notes: a grey [Agey?], gaunt person.
earra-ghoth[ɑrɑɣɔ] Quotation: an t-earra-ghoth. Notes: the period when the moon is on the wane.
éighQuotation: Na dh’éigh i air? Notes: first signs of the whooping cough.
éigheachQuotation: Éigheach na triuthaich.
éisg[e:ʃɡʹ] Notes: a woman who is noted for spreading scandal about someone, or for denigrating people.
eisligQuotation: Cha robh ann dheth ach [eʃlʹiɡʹ]. Notes: A very thin, gaunt man or beast.
failQuotation: a’ faileadh muic. Notes: a pig was killed by knifing it below the neck and allowing it to run round until the blood drained from it. It was then covered with straw and boiling water poured over it, then shaved.
failQuotation: Tha ’m beathach sin air faileadh. Notes: a beast which was patchy, some of the hair or wool having come out.
falachQuotation: falach-fead. Notes: hide and seek.
falbhan[fɑɫɑvɑṉ] Quotation: a’ falbhan. Notes: wandering about aimlessly. (Elgol)
fangQuotation: fang-glacaidh. Notes: a small enclosure within a fank for catching sheep.
faodal[fw:d̪ɑɫ] Quotation: Fhuair mi air faodal e. Notes: I came across it by chance, e.g. found it on the road.
faoilinnNotes: raised beach.
far-ainm[fɑɾɛ̃ṉɛ̃m] Notes: nickname.
farbhas[fɑɾɑvɑs] Quotation: Chuir e farbhas orm. Notes: shock, sudden fright.
fàsNotes: when the moon is on the make.
fàsachQuotation: fàsach chruidh. Notes: place where cattle were put out to graze in May.
feadaireachdQuotation: a’ feadaireachd. Notes: whistling. Lewis feadalaich.
féithe[fe:hə] Notes: very soft, boggy ground where cattle or sheep would be liable to get stuck.
feòclan[fjɔ:xkɫɑ̃ṉ] Notes: sometimes used for a small old man who shuffles along.
feumaidhQuotation: “Feumaidh e bhith gur h-e gainmheach a th’ann.” Notes: said when discussing the oitir. “It is necessary that it be of sand” i.e. to be an oitir.
fiachadhQuotation: Cha d’fhuair e fiachadh ann. Notes: an invitation.
fiar-shuileachNotes: squint-eyed.
fideadh[fidʹəɣ] Quotation: Cha robh mi dol a thoirt fideadh. Notes: a moment, a very short time.
fireachQuotation: Tha fireach air. Notes: said of a person showing excitement indicating that something is in the offing.
foilleadh[fɔlʹəɣ] Quotation: a’ toirt foilleadh air rud. Notes: doing something in a haphazard way. Not doing a thing properly.
forbhais[fɔrɔiʃ] Notes: seeking out information in an indirect way.
forcQuotation: earmark.
gàgQuotation: pl. gàgan. Notes: hacks.
gailleanachNotes: a kind of willow; the Yellow Willow.
gaisdeQuotation: gaisde fraoich. Notes: a heather brush.
gàmagQuotation: Chaidh e seachad is gàmag aige. Notes: a long stride.
gamhnachQuotation: bó ghamhnach. Notes: in milk but without a calf.
geadadhQuotation: Fhuair e a gheadadh. Notes: He received heavy physical punishment.
geamhrachailNotes: wintry.
geamhradailNotes: wintry.
geasagan[ɡʹesɑɡəṉ] Quotation: Tha e làn gheasagan. Notes: full of superstition.
geumraichNotes: lowing.
gilleQuotation: gille pliobair [plıbiɾ]. Notes: a person who was at everybody’s beck and call.
gille-mireanNotes: a spinning top.
giusgal[ɡʹu̟sɡɑɫ] Notes: (1) gossip, worthless talk. (2) a person who talks. (3) chaff (vb and noun).
giuthasQuotation: giuthas puill. Notes: stumps of trees found in peat.
glaine-uibhe[ɡɫɑ̃nʹu̜ıə] Notes: egg-cup.
glasbachNotes: wire hooks on ladies clothing for fastening.
glas-ghuibNotes: a muzzle such as in put on a dog, ferret, etc.
gobhachanNotes: a small black insect which clicks with its head.
gobharQuotation: gobhar-chinn; a’ cur gobhar-chinn air cruach. Notes: a sheaf of corn opened out at the bottom and put at the top of a stack the ears underneath.
gobharQuotation: an gobhar-bhacach. Notes: the last sheaf of corn bound at harvest time. It used to be adorned.
goileadairNotes: boiler in a boat.
goillean[ɡɤlʹɛ̃ṉ] Quotation: a’ lasadh ghoilleanan. Notes: a lighted taper.
gonadhQuotation: Gonadh nan calpannan agad! Notes: perhaps to render immobile.
gormadhQuotation: gormadh an là. Notes: daybreak.
gosQuotation: Co dhiubh a bheil e a dol ann gos nach eil. Notes: whether he is going or not.
gràisgQuotation: gràisg ghille or gràisg ghillean. Notes: rascally fellow, fellows.
greabhal[ɡɾɛvɑɫ] Notes: shingle.
greamaisgleach[ɡɾɛ̃mıʃɡʹɫɑx] Quotation: Chaidh e na ghreamaisgleach. Notes: It went into small pieces.
greata[ɡɾeṯə] Notes: soapy water. (Breakish)
gréidhear[ɡɾe:ɛɾ] Notes: grieve, farm manager.
greimireQuotation: sgian is greimire. Notes: fork.
griùrachNotes: measles.
guaillean[ɡu̜ɤlʹɛ̃ṉ] Notes: a cinder.
gulmQuotation: gulm móineadh. Notes: dross.

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