Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Informant Origin
North Uist, Baleshare
A. O’Henley
  • [NOTES: some words supplied by D. MacKillop (Berneray) and R. O’Henley. See below for details.]
[giurne]Bho’n a ghiurne chun a ghuirne. – An expression meaning from the cradle to the grave. ‘Giurne’ meaning sawdust and ‘guirne’ meaning the pith of rushes.
[guirne][See giurne]
liunndadha wound.
iomachaisenumeration. (Argyll)
criomana short distance. “Chan eil e ach crioman sios an rathad.”
fiughairglance. Also in sense of expecting.
màla cnuictop of a hill.
réidhwhen satisfied, e.g. after eating. “Air dhi bhi réidh.”
geàirnealmeal kist.
crannlatch. “Chuir i crann air an dorus.”
loirceag luideagachuntidy, unkempt young girl.
bìthto keep silent, secret. “Cumail bìth mu na thachair.”
tròtrip. “Air an trò seo.”
bàth-thonndrowning wave.
piostala mischievous young boy.
griadachunbaptised female child.
Maoldomhnaichunbaptised male child.
larach ’s uarach bailetwo ends of a village.
siubhalin sense of person, possession. “Air mo shiubhal.”
spolt froise / thairneanachmass, lump, great quantity.
rotalwake of ship.
clach Mhoirehail.
clachan Moirehailstones.
fosag Mhoirecommon crested lark.
uiseag Mhoirecommon crested lark.
bigean baintighearnachaffinch or mountain linnet.
lach Mhoiremallard duck.
fliodh Moiresmall kind of chicken wood that grows in water.
biolaire Moirekind of watercress.
luibh Moiresame as ‘lus Moire’ – marsh marigold. Once rubbed on sore and stiff knees.
maol MoireMary’s brow? Fattish green plant used for plasters and poultices.
coparran Moireblue eyed limpet shell.
maorach Moiresmall thin shellfish, transparently white and smooth. Found under the sand.
cuile MhoireMary’s treasury or the ocean.
sealgan-falablood sports.
tosgtusk tooth.
lingeachlynx. Type of cat found in Northern hemisphere.
ablach (-aich)carcase, carrion.
blian (-adh)bask, sunbathe.
broc-lainnden, sett.
broclach (-aich)a den or warren.
easag (-aige)pheasant.
dùr (dùire)stubborn, steady.
fàmangentle breeze, breath of wind.
gnòsadaichgrunting, lowing.
gnos (-ois)snout or the trunk of an elephant.
leòblip, fold of skin.
greadanadha sharp, stinging pain.
losgannfrog, toad.
gaotharana fan.
fang (fainge)a vulture.
eagnaidhprudent, careful.
geadas (-ais)pike fish.
saobhaidhden of animal.
tarbhachadvantageous. “Bhiodh e tarbhach dhut sin ionnsachadh.”
snàgairreptile, crawler.
gramail (-e)strong, resolute.
foridea, comprehension.
lianaga lawn or small field.
asal stiallacha zebra.
leamhanelm tree.
taoisin the sense of glue or paste.
aom (-adh)incline or veer.
seanagarraold-fashioned, sage.
pliut (-an)flipper.
tàtaichtame or subdue.
searbhalserval [sic] [servile?].
ògana twig or shoot.
toinntean (-an)thread(s).
buinneagleaf of cabbage, sprout.
caob (-oib)a lump or bite.
caoir ghealwhite hot, frothy.
dearc-fìonaa grape.
cobhartachprey, booty.
burras (-ais)caterpillar.
gucaga bubble.
darcan (-ain)an acorn.
arc (-an)a lizard.
bus (buis)snout, big mouth.
dìdeanshelter, refuge.
cuithea pit.
druchd mealahoney milk, honeydew.
crodhan (-ain)cloven, divided hoof. Divided hoof of ruminant quadrupeds, ascribed in pagan mythology to Pan, and thence in Christian mythology to the Devil (Ox. Dictionary).
cochullhusk, cocoon.
smèileaga good blow, not deadly. “Thug e smèileag mhath dha.” (Supplied by D. MacKillop, Berneray.)
sgluiscan be applied to many things but usually food. “Thug i dhomh sgluis.” Used commonly in Berneray. (Supplied by D. MacKillop, Berneray.)
dothachadh, dhothachadhapplied to corn that has not been sufficiently dried properly. “Cha robh e air a dhothachadh ceart.” (Supplied by R. O’Henley.)
caibh (f sound)sea spray travelling over land. “Tha caibh an t-sàil a’ milleadh na càraichean.” (Supplied by R. O’Henley.)

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